Cordova Community Preschool
where learning is fun!

A Message From The Director

Welcome and come join the fun! My name is Maria Salgado and I am the director of Cordova Community Preschool. It is my privilege to have been employed here at Cordova Community Preschool since 2001 . I have over 25 years of early childhood teaching experience. In our program I have taught in every area and still truly enjoy interacting with the children whenever I can. 

Our staff is a team of qualified nurturing teachers who have over 135 years of combined experience. While we pride ourselves on our pre- kindergarten readiness classes that include academics, art, music and Bible for the children, we are also proud of the fact that we offer a balanced day with loving care much like what is provided at home. Please feel free to contact me at any time or make an appointment  for a tour. I look forward to meeting you soon!   
                                                      Maria Salgado

Meet Our Staff   

Mrs. Ann: Ann has been at this school since 1985.  She is a fully qualified preschool teacher and has worked in every area of our program and is currently our star class teacher. For many years Ann taught swimming in our pool. We often have young adults stop by who remember Ann teaching them how to swim!  

Ms. Renee: Renee is our Assistant Director. She joined our staff in 1995. She is currently teaching the triangle class. She completed her B.A. in Child Development. Look for her welcoming smiling face as she opens our center each day!

Mrs. Lisa: Lisa joined our staff in 2000. She graduated from Sacramento City College and is a fully qualified preschool teacher. She is married and has two children that are in our program. She has taught in every area of our program and currently floats, working all areas of the program. Lisa can often be found playing games with the children.

Miss Tiffany: Tiffany joined our staff in 2011.  She has an A.A. degree in Child Development and currently works as needed with both preschool and school-age children. She is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Miss Sharnell:  Sharnell joined our staff in May 2012 and she is currently our Head Teacher and leads the Square class. She has a bundle of energy and is always ready for a sport activity with the children. Sharnell retains a B.A. degree in early childhood education. 

Mrs. Grace: Grace joined our staff in April of 2017. She recently completed her units in Early Childhood Education. Grace currently team teaches the circles with Ms. Beverly. Graces calm caring manner is an asset to our program.
Ms. Beverly: Beverly joined our staff in 2015. She holds an A.A. degree in Early Childhood Education. Beverly team teaches in the circle class in the morning and also works with the school-age children in the afternoon. Beverly can be found in many areas of our program as she is always willing to help out as needed with a smile!  

Ms.Angela: Angela is a returning teacher to our preschool after relocating back to California from Georgia. She holds an A.A. degree in Early childhood Education and is currently teaching a group of triangles.We welcome her back on staff!
Mrs. Veronica: Veronica is our wonderful cook, driver and aid. She prepares many homemade snacks and lunch for the children on a daily basis. She also transports our school age children to and from school.  Look for her in the kitchen each morning!

Miss Maria: Maria joined our staff in 1998. She is our housekeeper who is dedicated to keeping our facility sparkling clean from top to bottom everyday.

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